About Us
About Us
Orders Industrial Products was established in 1954 as our father MR. EMİR Fatin engine repair shop orders. The first in 1971, with the beginning of spare parts trade has continued the business under the trade name of the 

Since 1979 compressor, water pump, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, construction equipment for milking machines with garage and has expanded its product range by adding its activities.

In 1983, Syria was first started today with direct exports to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Romania, Kosovo and Cyprus operate with direct export. In 1994, our company, our current firm orders Industrial Products Import and Export. and Tic.Ltd.Şti. was established.
In 1996, adding to the company within the Emir Emir Trading Trading is closed. Since 2003 has been manufacturing issues at hand. Since 2003, the market leader in diameter milking machines and we are making the production of other brands in the Commune has become the most popular brands and pull it We believe that we have come to a better understanding of the level thanks to our trade.

Transmission, gearbox and automotive parts production as an activity that requires advanced technology to ensure a reliable level of quality and efficiency, the work can be carried out within the discipline Bellla terms of human reliability.

Therefore you Em since mid-2006 Anchor Machine and Milking Machine CE Assurance activities were terminated. Our company is the owner of the Turkish Standards Institute certificate of conformity.

In production we Ürettiğmiz anchor target machine and has access to a local content of 99%. Orders industrial products, where it has been manufacturing machine tools machining workshop, a die-attachment and the engine of his own mold workshop and aparatlarınyap, mounting-test-painting workshops. The number of the counter is 35 pieces.
Our Values

Trust, mutual respect, understanding of friendship, commerce, acting together, responsibility, customer focus ...

"We are the uygaarlık, we take strength from science and science.
And we walked by him ... "
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Customers with products and services point;
without compromising the quality and ethical values to keep expectations of our customers the highest level of satisfaction by producing the most appropriate solutions, to follow and implement technological advances, our mission is to be environmentally friendly company.
The access products and services to a large audience aware of our social responsibility, reliability, quality management, professional staff and customer-oriented services with the understanding that comes to mind first in the industry and has become a preferred company.
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