EMİRSAN 7. Vendors meeting was held in Antakya.
Dealers sixth of the Emirsan become traditional meeting November 03 - took place on November 06 between Anemon Hotel.
Turkey Hatay's historical and Truste, we place roving chance of finding families across operating in Emirsan dealers families useful information at the meeting held in my program that I disagree with, as well as organized the trip they had a pleasant proğram.
EMİRSAN managersMehmet Oktay EMİR and Murat EMİR you suck 's program they are interested in meeting with guests throughout the Emirsan Factory tour, Products, Spare Parts are handled issue, Order Shipping, Logistics Meeting the knowledge Gaps and needs to be done, Account Reconciliation, Czech Finance in payment and billing issues meetings were held. EMIRSAN 7. Vendors of the Gala Dinner Meeting manage Mehmet Oktay Emir and Murat Emir orders as well as suck you Dealers, suck if employees and HELENA CENTER with participation of guests' occurred.

We are a valuable Dealers; Malatya ( BAHADIR AGRICULTURE AND TRADE ) and Düzce ( BAŞARAN TRAILER )

We are a valuable Dealer; Malatya-Darende ( EKİCİLER AUTO GALLERY )

We are a valuable Dealers; Kütahya-Simav ( ÖZDOĞANLAR MOTOR VEHICLES ) , Uşak-Banaz ( UTKAN AGRICULTURE ) , Hatay-Samandağ ( SELİM EZER ) and Sırnak-Silopi ( NMO AGRICULTURE )

We are a valuable Abroad Dealers; LEBANON , SYRIA 

We are a valuable Dealers; Kayseri ( UZUNORMAN AGRICULTURE ) and Ordu ( CINGIROĞLU HAZEL AGRICULTURE )

We are a valuable Dealers; Adana ( BAYSAL AGRICULTURAL TOOLS ) and Bursa ( SAFA GARDEN )
We are a valuable Dealer; Samsun-Çarşamba ( GUNES TRADE )

We are a valuable Dealers; Sakarya-Adapazarı ( TEPECIK ROLLER ) and Giresun ( YILMAZLAR MACHINE )
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